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My name is Niall MacMahon and I am a writer of lyrics.

Over my years on this planet, I have compressed events, people, thoughts and emotions into lyric format. This book unpacks them again, to creat a memoir. 

Essentially this is a book of stories - mostly a collection of short anecdotal stories from my life. It is organised around the lyrics I have written through the decades. It references friends, family and the many people I have met and worked with in recording and playing music. As such I have posted it here ahead of publication for anyone to comment on the content. If you have a comment please email it to me on:


The book is a ‘warts and all’ record and, as such, I have included examples of the naive lyrics that I wrote in the 70s and 80s alongside the more mature verses of later decades. 
Hopefully, if you are not enamoured by rhyming lines, you will garner enjoyment from the anecdotes. 

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