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Niall is a performer, song writer, guitarist, musical arranger/producer/programer, poet, novelist - His career has run from writing poetry and songs in his teen years along side Paula Meehan and John Borrowman (the Atrix) through the post punk rock of Shocking Stockings in the late 70s - working with Philip Chevron (the Pogues) - Joe Foster\Slaughter Joe (Creation Records) - Robin Spreafico of Doll By Doll. Over the years, Niall has released 13 albums. More recently Niall has released albums on the Techno Prisoners Records label and performs both as a solo act and with other musicians in the Exeter and Devon area.

Performing names:

 Niall MacMahon

Nautical Nausea Niall

Axe Wielding

Niall now lives and performs in Exeter. To date Niall has released 13 albums: 

Wood, Strings & Fingers (2019)

Having Words (2018)

 Sudden Disconnect (2017)

Female Side (2016 - as Axe Wielding)

With Added Grunge (2016 - as Nautical Nausea Niall)

By a Country Niall (2015)

Instrumentals In My Destruction (2015 - as Axe Wielding)

Blues Rocks (2014 - as Axe Wielding)

Dance Like Daddy (2015 - as Daff Eejit feat. Lila)

 Maida Valley Whingers (2014)

Damn The Colours (1998 with Lila)

Later (1988) 

Nylon (2012 - with Shocking Stockings)

Daff Eejit cover (1)
Niall as Under Dub
Niall MacMahon photo
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